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March 21, 2019 @ 6:48 pm

KZK Discord Digest [Week of Mar 15 - Mar 21]

Blau Says...

Direwolf update will likely not drop until Kat gets moved and unpacked. IRL has been extremely busy and stressful, and with TFF prep and contract work, there hasn’t been as much time for Dire work without pushing closer to burnout or breakdown.
We know you guys are antsy for the update, and we’re antsy to get it out to you. Life just seems insistent on interfering with things.
KZK Discord has had its first banned user. Hooray?
For emphasis, we do not tolerate any form of animal abuse / cruelty, child abuse / cruelty, rape, etc; anywhere, in any form. Posting any of that content is grounds for an immediate ban & report to appropriate administrations, be it on Discord or SL.
In addition, poor-taste jokes about topics such as the one above will be responded to similarly - grounds for a kick/ban.
You all are great people, but there are a few bad eggs that need reminding.
Love yourselves, and love others, okay?


Mar 17

Kat Last Sunday at 3:26 AM
@everyone I’d like to formally congratulate our first banned user, whom I will not even bother recognizing by name because they are that much of a sick fuck. It should go without saying that I will not under any circumstances tolerate animal cruelty in my group. Posting this content is grounds for an immediate ban from the Kinzart Discord and a report to the Discord administration.


Mar 18

Kat Last Monday at 2:52 PM
@everyone I’ve rewritten this announcement probably 2 times already because everytime I wrote it, it came across extremely aggressive and rude and i’m just pissed off about a dozen different things so I’m trying not to let that color my announcements. At this point the Direwolf update isn’t going to drop until I’m moved and unpacked. though anyone could’ve probably figured that out. This movie, and con prep (its a business trip, not leisure), as well as contract work have seriously got me in a tailspin. On top of that, the place I was looking to rent got ‘rented’ out from underneath me and conned me out of 100$ because the homeowner decided 'fuck the system’ and rented the place to their family member instead. No telling how many other people actually filed applications too before getting fucked over so yeah, not exactly in a great state of mind right now. Just.. be nice ya’ll. Don’t joke about animal abuse, or rape, or child abuse or whatever. I’m not in the mood. these jokes are completely off limits and will result in immediate termination from the group. I dont have time or energy to babysit every braindead cumstain that smears their way through my chat hoping to stir the pot, so im just not going to fuck around anymore. Oops this one got passive aggressive too but I’m too fucking frustrated from househunting and fighting off another breakdown to give a fuck. Love yourselves, ok?

March 7, 2019 @ 8:32 pm

KZK Discord Digest [Week of Mar 1 - Mar 7]

Blau Says...

Base model for the Direwolf Plushie is done - just needs to be made lower-poly and materials added.
Work ongoing on Direwolf update.
Kat had some metal coins cast at Shapeways and is curious about sending them out as IRL prizes for some form of contest - suggestions welcome!
Our database host seems to be doing some messing around behind the scenes and some purchases have been failing as a result. We’re investigating. If you or someone you know had a vendor error recently, send the error & the relevant transaction history to Sylver Bu and he’ll manually send your purchase.


Mar 3

Kat Last Sunday at 2:32 PM
@everyone Been learning some new techniques in Zbrush that really help optimize workflow. Really loving the newest version. This time around for the plush I wanted something that looked ‘rough’ and loved. I wanted the stitching to look like it was done by someone who put a lot of love into the plush, but might not have been the most 'skilled’ in doing so (but some could argue that making a plush at all is hard work!). The base model is done, now its on to setting up my color ID masks, setting up the low poly model, and baking out the materials/surfacing! :smile:


Mar 4

Kat Last Monday at 4:45 PM
@everyone Psuedo related to Kinzart, but I very recently designed a coin, and had it sent off to Shapeways. They’ll be molded and cast from resin using metal powders in a technique called Coldcasting to sell as part of the Etsy store I run with my fiance
(@Eggplant Bandit ) but What say you all to maybe making one of these 3 of a kind metal beauties a prize? Thinking.. maybe some kind of contest. Any thoughts? 

February 28, 2019 @ 9:07 pm

KZK Discord Digest [Week of Feb 22 - Feb 28]

Blau Says...

Kat is working on the Direwolf Plushy model. Preview images can be seen here, as well as lower in the post:
Direwolf update work is still ongoing.
Our database host did some unexpected maintenance around the 25th which caused some purchases to fail and throw a 500 Internal Server error. If you or someone you know was affected by that, let Kat know so we can get you set up! (Should be all fixed now. If it happens again let us know asap, thanks!)
Relatedly, the Direwolf vendors bugged and weren’t showing a price. That’s fixed now.
Also, if you play on the KZK ARK server, there’s a mod that’s changing soon - if you have any soul trapped critters you’ll need to let them out before the mod deprecates or they’ll be lost forever!


Feb 22

KatLast Friday at 7:26 PM
@everyone Progress on the direwolf update isn’t where it should be, or even where I’d like it to be, but the last few days have been pretty good for emotionally and I’ve been able to get a lot done, whether it be tidying up my place, chipping away at con projects or working on stuff for the dires, I’m doing what I can when my brain lets me. That said, here’s the initial blockout on the direwolf plush. The final jaw will be static, with a perpetually cute snarl. some of the more pronounced details like the hands and feet will be softened to better emulate a proper plush look.


Feb 24

KatLast Sunday at 1:54 PM
@everyone One of the most pleasant things about working with any sculpting medium, whether its digital or traditional, is seeing your ideas take form. Today I’ve been working on refining the details of areas that I mimic faux fur. This process always takes a while, but the results ALWAYS speak for themselves! The insides of the ears and the tail will follow the same design.


Feb 26

KatLast Tuesday at 1:23 PM
@everyone seems our host was doing some maintenance last night, causing a few purchases to go sideways, so if you or someone you know has had issues, please be sure to drop me a DM/post in #kinzart-support, mk?


Feb 27

KatYesterday at 2:03 PM
Not making announcement for this one, but here’s a small wip for the plush. refining details, finished up the tail and ear fluffs. starting to add the detail such as stitches and whatnot.

KatYesterday at 7:09 PM
@everyone Heads up #ark Survivors, due to the deprecation of the ‘Soul Trapper’ mod (replaced with a v2 that is a separate mod), any dinos currently soul trapped in a v1 crystal will need to be released. So if you haven’t logged in in a while, please do so and release your creatures from your soul traps. On March (Thanks fluff) 6th, I will be REMOVING the deprecated mod from the server, which will delete any dinos/tames still trapped, and I will not be replacing any of them.

And if you’re reading this going 'wtf kzk has an ark server?’ yes, Kzk has an ark server! Paid for by Dwagy, you can find all the info you need for it on #ark-server-info. @Fluffdragon is hard at work even working on a custom 'Cross ARK’ mod for us to integrate ALL DLC spawns and engrams so if you’re like me and reallllly can’t wait to raise an army of Managarmrs and tame the Frost Titan, then be sure to join us!


Feb 28

KatToday at 11:57 AM
@everyone Direwolf vendors fixed. Apologies for the delays.

February 21, 2019 @ 8:26 pm

KZK Discord Digest 9 - Week of Feb 15 - Feb 21

Blau Says...

Not terribly much to report, just one announcement from the past week.


Feb 19

Kat Last Tuesday at 6:30 PM
@everyone Hey guys, just popping in to tell you that I am still here, and I do see chat-I know a lot of you are frustrated that I haven’t been in SL like.. at all in weeks, Im sorry. After getting sick and recovering, I did some housecleaning, then far cry new dawn came out (anyone who knows me well enough knows I ADORE the far cry series ever since 3), and took some time to finally experiment with the resin and pigments i’ve been stockpiling. but, good news is I’m logged into SL for the time being to do my best to assist with any inworld issues. Thank you all for your patience <3’
and yes. I very much enjoyed Far Cry: Fallout 76 but Not Garbage.

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