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January 10, 2019 @ 10:42 pm

KZK Discord Digest #4 [Week of Jan 4 - Jan 10]

Blau Says...


Kat is back from travel and will start tackling devkit / PSD requests & bugfixes tomorrow.
Devkit files are not to be shared with folks who have not signed the contract.
Need the Direwolf Public PSD? Here’s a shortlink to the Google Drive folder:
Public PSDs are not for commercial use. 
Public rig dummy will be available soon.
Please clean up after yourselves in the sandbox.


Jan 4, 2019

[9:42 AM] Blau: @everyone Mirror from SL, via @Straylight
Nothing makes us happier than watching everyone make new things with our avatars. We’re delighted to be able to give you a sandbox to work in. Please remember to pick up after yourself when you’ve finished though. When I find the sandbox full of things left behind, it makes me sad. ;)


Jan 5, 2019

[8:18 PM] Kat: @everyone hey folks! I’m about to watch the metal cover band Knights of the Round perform some sick final fantasy metal covers, but I wanted to post this link that’ll make a lot of you happy! it’s the public psds for the direwolf. Remember that these files are NOT for commercial/commission use. If you want to sell anything you make, you’ll need to buy the psd license from me. (Due to the con, incsnt exactly process those atm so please be patient with me!) Many thanks to @Chronic for being my remote helping hand!

[8:21 PM] Kat: @everyone keep in mind if you do plan to use these files for commercial purposes, you can at least get a head start and get the payment sorted out as soon as im back. Do keep in mind that the public files do NOT include the fur detailing layers


Jan 6, 2019

[8:27 PM] Kat: @everyone magfest has come to an exhausting end! Tonight I am surrounded by wonderful friends with good food, warm coffee and fantastic speed runs. Just the thing I needed to help wind down from the last several weeks of exhaustion. I got curious and went to the marketplace and it’s so exciting to see all the fantastic mods you’ve all been working on! Tomorrow, once I’m back at my fiances place, I’ll have plenty of time to pass out the link for the commercial psds. I’ll let you guys know when!


Jan 7, 2019

[9:30 PM] Kat: @everyone need I remind those whose signed the direwolf devkit contract that it is NOT to be sent to anyone who has NOT signed the contract. I’m already getting reports of people making content  using the kit who do not have rights to it. I will not tolerate this.


Jan 8, 2019

[5:12 AM] Blau: @everyone Also, if you’re waiting for your Devkit / Paid PSD stuff, Kat is still traveling and he’ll get to you as soon as he gets a few minutes. Thank you all for being so patient :heart:
[5:12 AM] Blau: @everyone Also, Wumpus says we have over 600 people in here now. That’s awesome! Hi everyone!!


Jan 9, 2019

[10:39 PM] Kat: @everyone the awoo has landed!


Jan 10, 2019

11:59 AM] Kat: @everyone so after a 3 and a half hour drive home from the airport and going comatose for 9 hours, I’m awake! But unfortunately I’ve got plenty to attend to. Namely a bunch of tasks I couldn’t tackle before departing. Not to worry, I will be giving myself some proper downtime to recover from the con and once ive had a day at most to myself to decompress, I’ll start getting the update going for the dires and take care of the long list of psd and devkit requests that piled up in my absense.

January 3, 2019 @ 11:21 pm

KZK Discord Digest #3 [Week of Dec 27 2018 - Jan 3...

Blau Says...


Busy week, so many things to read! Long post!

Direwolves are out as of Dec 30, 2018!!

If you preordered and havent gotten yours yet, head to Okarthel and click the PURPLE delivery terminal.

PREORDER BONUSES will be distributed as soon as Kat returns from travel! We’re sorry to have delayed these, but time ran out!

REFUNDS, EXCHANGES, AND DEVKIT DISCOUNT have been extended until Jan 20. Contact Kat (Sylver Bu) if you’re interested.

Kat is currently traveling and will handle exchanges/refunds/etc as he is able. 

Need a devkit? Fill out this contract and send it to Sylver Bu –

THERE ARE SOME KNOWN ISSUES WITH THE DIRES! READ THE DOCUMENTATION NOTECARD! If you find a bug that isn’t mentioned in there, contact a staff member to let us know!

We’ll be pushing a patch for these issues in the very near future! As always updates are free & we’ll send notices so you guys know an update is available!

December 26, 2018 @ 11:32 pm

KZK Discord Digest #2 [Week(ish) of Dec 21 - Dec 26...

Blau Says...


Direwolf status: Tail-end of scripting / beginning of alpha testing. All that’s left afterward is beta testing & packaging.
Direwolf release plan: Before end of year! (Exact day not picked yet, but it’s less than a week from New Year’s!)
Preorder devkits (devkit + fatpack) are still available & will be taken care of during beta testing, when Kat has a few hours to spare. 
Direwolf prices WILL NOT be changing post launch.
Refunds / exchanges for the Direwolf WILL END after launch. They’ll then have the same policy as all our other avs (no refund/exchange except in case of SL/server error).
Preorder bonuses (Direwolf plushy av & 2 free skins) will ship a little later than the Dires themselves (soon as Kat gets home from his trip).


Dec 22, 2018

[10:39 AM] Blau: Yo folks. Been seeing it asked a lot- the direwolf price ***will not*** be increasing after release.

HOWEVER. once it releases, refunds and exchanges WILL end (ie. Same policy as our other avs). If you are debating that get it taken care of soon.

We will give you guys advance notice beforehand. Cheers @everyone


Dec 25, 2018

[1:48 PM] Kat: @everyone A Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! Its just barely the afternoon and I’m already two shots in and feeling it. I hope you’re all enjoying your days, and I hope that no matter how you celebrate, whether its with friends, family, or alone (For the record, I’m absolutely hugging you right now if you are, Behemoth cuddles anyone?) Just remember to do so responsibly. I hope your potatos are perfectly mashed, your ham warmed to that deliciously juicy temparture and no one glitterbombed you. Happy Holidays from all of us at Kinzart :heart: (My stomach is empty so i miggght  be a little buzzed already ;D..I dont drink like i used to haha)


Dec 26, 2018

[5:56 PM] Kat: @everyone So I’m definitely on track to get the Dires out by the end of the year. Today i solved a major bug with the HUD that’s been bugging the ever loving fuck out of me for the past few years, which has me in a pretty good mood. With the HUD working as expected, I’m FINALLY able to get to the inifial alpha testing. This phase is usually pretty short, with me just doing  cursory once-over on the avatar. Once I get the scripts into the avatars and test those, the av will go into proper beta testing. That isn’t to say we haven’t been testing lots of things along the way, this just means that it’ll get tested more broadly internally so we can find any major bad behavior. Testing is all that’s left before its packed and ready to go.  Like before, be sure to lend us any spare energy so we can get this spirit bomb of a project done! :heart:

[6:01 PM] Kat: @everyone Now, since 99% of this time has been spent getting the Dires done and in good working condition, it means the preorder bonus will be late to the show–but that’s fine! it’ll mean I’ll have more time to make it as cute as it can be! and I’ll also take that time (once I’m back from my trip), to get the Garmr and Helhund skins done (remember that these will be free gifts as thanks for everyones patience!)  Once I am back from my trip, I’ll take a day to relax, play a game maybe, before focusing on doing any MAJOR bug fixes on the Dire (one or two are bound to slip thru!) and get the plush/skins done to send out! :heart:

[6:04 PM] Kat: @everyone SORRY FOR NOTICE SPAM! but lots to cover as we approach that special day! Naturally many of you are asking ‘Kat if the av’s coming out soon, can I please get the dev kit/my preorder changed?’ The answer is Let me get them into beta first, then I’ll have a few hours that I can handle all of this in bulk! I wil be honoring the cheaper bulk price for the dev kit preorder bundle, so if you wish to get the dev kit for 2k less, (which includes a fatpack preorder), That’ll be the best time to do that. Thank you all, seriously! This project has been an absolute beast to overcome but we’re so close!

December 20, 2018 @ 8:31 pm

KZK Discord Digest #1 [Week of Dec 13 2018 - Dec 20...

Blau Says...


1. Preorders are still live and we will tell you before they go down.
2. Kat has been working hard to get the Dire out before the end of the year. No dates yet. HUD and scripting are WIP, and AO is about 90% done. Then just needs beta testing.
3. As Kat has been busy working he hasn’t had a lot of time to handle devkit requests. Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you! We’re going to get Devkit folks set up prior to release with a more finalized devkit!
4. Once the Dires have entered Beta Testing and I have a copy I will be glad to put on inworld demos :)
5. We aren’t totally abandoning SL notices. It’s just a ton easier on Kat to hop on Discord to send info out while he’s working, and sometimes that info doesn’t always get mirrored over (my bad). Important info will get its own notice, don’t worry!



Dec 13 2018

[11:50 PM] Kat:
@everyone There’s really no way to say this without it coming across as egotistic or humble-braggy, but its still something you guys should be aware of. For the uninformed, i’ve been dealing with cascading system failiure for some time now. Rampant BSODs, hard crashes in Zbrush, complete memory failiures… Well tonight my family put an end to that by surprising me with a new rig for christmas. Its… more than I could’ve ever hoped for. They know how much kinzart means to me, how important you guys are to me, and it worried them that all of this was on the brink of collapse because of my ailing hardware. so, for those of you worried, rest easy, knowing that KZK will live on. I will do my best to repay their kindness by producing the best work I can for you guys. Like I said, there’s literally no way to say ‘hey my family just bought me an insanely overpowered pc’ and not come across like I’m stroking my own ego. but know that I will make the most of it to benefit you guys. Thank you all for your patience and support, and giving me a reason to do what I do. I will find some way to pay their kindness forward.


Dec 14 2018

[6:57 PM] Kat:
@everyone Got something super cool to show you today! So this image is the two halves of what’ll make up the avatar’s alpha widget for the HUD. I’ve recreated the direwolf’s material groups on a smaller scale, and they match the avatar exactly in terms of howthe avatar’s broken up into its various parts. And yes, for those with keen eyes, there is a material group in the groin, to help all you lady mutts give your direwolves that extra.. umpf, if that’s your cup of tea. the widget has a female torso variant too, so no worries!

[6:58 PM] Kat:
Lady and herm/intersex mutts* can’t leave all you lovelies out :heart:



Dec 17 2018

[11:28 PM] Kat:
@everyone Its always a long day when you’ve got to build a brand new HUD from scratch, but this one’s built specifically for the direwolf–No frills, no fluff, no fuss. Readability is the focus, and I’ve even added a little ? button to help aquaint new users with each page’s functionality, but i’ll still document this in the notecard, as I traditionally do. Some buttons are not done yet, and some spaces are blank because a widget will be fitted into it in SL. Enjoy the teaser!

[11:40 PM] Kat:
@everyone I will of course be tooling the contrast and saturation a bit, following feedback in chat. I’ll keep you guys updated.



Dec 20, 2018

[7:58 PM] Kat: Following feedback from chat, Here’s the updated color scheme for the HUD. Overall I made everything brighter and less saturated, and outlined the text with a soft dark outer glow to help it stand out against the brighter background without the contrast being too offending to the eyes. Also greatly softened the gradient on the text so the bottom half of it no longer 'blurs’ into the background at a distance. Overall the results are more reasily read even at a distance.

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