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January 24, 2019 @ 8:52 pm

KZK Discord Digest 6 - Week of Jan 18 - Jan 24

Blau Says...


We had a snafu with the second database earlier this week. Kat tried to manually alter an entry and it got submitted before he was done writing, thereby accidentally overwriting all purchase logs in that DB with garbage entries.
IT IS NOW FIXED. We had a quick response from our host and they got it rolled back. Vendors were taken offline for a few hours while they worked. We had to manually re-enter some entries that got lost during the rollback, so if you get a redelivery from that timeframe that says ADMIN SEND, that’s probably why!
If you made a purchase on that database (Stone Pillar / Direwolf) between Jan 17 and Jan 21 2019 and you can’t get a redelivery please contact Sylver Bu.
This did not affect our primary database.

I put up a crystal in the mainstore near the Direwolf vendors that gives info for how to get creator files for em. This does not directly sell you the devkit or anything like that, and is meant more for folks who do not use Discord or follow group notices. Got friends lookin for that stuff, point em to that.

The deadline for getting the Direwolf Devkit Preorder discount has ended.
Also, neat news! If you made a Direwolf purchase before or on January 20th, you qualify for the preorder bonuses!

Our plans for the first half of 2019 or so (no dates set in stone unless mentioned):
1. Direwolf v1.01 update. The preorder bonuses (Direwolf plushy av & rezzable objects; two exclusive skins) will likely ship around the same time as the update rolls out.
2. Elemental Kirins Round 3: Ragnarok, Nova, Aeterna, Teknika (Destruction, Creation, Time, Technology respectively). 
3. KAT - Con Crunch for TFF. Aiming for a spot in the Artist Alley. 
4. KAT - Moving cross country. Will likely be limited availability for about a month. Likely happening in April.
5. New server & database setup. Aiming to launch late February / early March at the absolute earliest. This’ll allow us to combine our vendors & have a more robust back-end to prevent any more potential database weirdness. Bit more info below.
(Kat already spoke to someone at Caspervend about their system. They don’t support the way our vendors are set up & the sheer number of items we sell.) 


Jan 18

Blau Last Friday at 7:50 AM
@everyone forgot to mention here, but I put up a lil crystal in Okarthel by the Dire vendors that you can click and get links/info for the PSDs/Devkit stuff. I’ll update it as links change / new stuff comes out.
So if you have any friendos wondering where to get resources to make stuff, point em that way :smile:


Jan 19

Blau Last Saturday at 8:39 AM
@everyone Morning! Smol clarification, you don’t buy the devkit from the crystal, you still have to contact Kat / Sylver Bu. The crystal just pops out that information. More for folks who don’t pay attention to Discord or Group Notices. :3

Kat Last Saturday at 6:17 PM
@everyone Attention artists, new and veteran. I know a great many of you preach by Gimp, or paint tool sai, or clip studio paint, which are all great programs, but, something I learned very recently is that you can get Adobe Photoshop CC for just 11$ USD a MONTH. No, this isn’t an ad, but I know for many of you the cost of Adobe’s subscriptions are often too much. Thanks to a helpful tipster on twitter, if you go into adobe’s website and sign up for/switch your plan to the ‘Creative Cloud Photography’ plan, it includes Photoshop CC for only ~11$ a month. again, not telling people to ditch their free software, but this info is useful for those looking to get their hands on Photoshop. Please don’t take it the wrong way.

KatLast Saturday at 6:32 PM
@everyone To Clarify (as I have a bad habit of using the wrong words), I recommended PS strictly for 3D applications–If you’re a budding 3D artist,  or want to get into doing texturing for 3D models,  most software is configured out the gate to work with PS, making for better streamlining. Not to mention native support for PSD and PSB(obviously) means you don’t have to worry about files not opening in other software (as sometimes happens). PS is by no means a true 'art’ program, in the vein of krita, sai or medibang, ect, so for art, stick with the freeware. but for 3D, i can’t recommend PS enough. its 3D feature takes some getting used to, but can really help you quickly block out markings and ideas, all with the support of Photoshop’s

@everyone Please stop advocating piracy. Seriously. its not funny. KZK is not the place to promote breaking the law. I don’t know how many times I have to say this. Fun fact, kzk almost got shut down because I was a stupid fuck like 10 years ago and built everything using a cracked copy of zbrush. I got busted and their lawyers hit me with a nasty cease and desist. So I saved up, bought a legitimate key and play nice like a responsible business owner. Kat’s lesson for the day, do with it what you will.

Blau Last Saturday at 6:43 PM
@everyone Subject jump, but, tomorrow is the devkit/fatpack discount deadline. Can grab the Fatpack & Devkit combo for 9kL$, or if you already have a Fatpack, just get the Devkit by covering the difference for 3kL$. After tomorrow the offer expires!
(Folks who have worked on contacting Kat prior to the deadline - sorry if we missed ya! As long as we hear from you before the deadline we’ll honor the discount)

Kat Last Saturday at 10:57 PM
@everyone So.. Some uh. bad news. We’ll call it that, in favor of 'Oh shit I might’ve just fucked up real bad’. Novice mistake, but I basically nuked our second database. And the real kicker? Apparently when flame and I set up the second database back in 2015, something went sideways with the backup automation. We have no backups of either database at this point. As of right now, my only hope is that my host will see my support ticket ASAP, and rollback my server to the 18th, to before I fucked it all to hell. This means I will be losing ALL SALES DATA for the 19th, 20th, and 21st. But that’s preferable to losing 3 and a half to four years of sales data. This is the BEST possible outcome, The worst being that its completely and totally gone. Please wish me luck. I’m trying not to freak out right now. I really am. and please, for all you code monkies out there, please keep any 'humorous’ anecdotes to yourselves. I already feel like a piece of shit for literally putting the database down like Old Yeller. However if you have any ideas that might help us recover the lost data, I’m all ears. Thanks.


Jan 20

Kat Last Sunday at 12:48 AM
@everyone Got a quick response back from my host, and its looking like I’ll only be losing purchase data for the 19th. I can manually restore that data once the database is restored (assuming they succeed.

Blau Last Sunday at 8:44 PM
@everyone Heyo! Our host is working on getting things fixed. Until they give us the all clear we’re pulling ALL kzk vendors down to prevent them from trying to update and breaking things over. We’ll send notices/announce when it’s all done! Thanks so much for your patience :heart:

Kat Last Sunday at 9:19 PM
@everyone Good news everyone! Our host was able to successfully roll our second database back to an image of the 17th. So this means we’re missing effectively 3 days of transactions, BUT between Second Life and the server’s emailed receipts, I can manually rebuild those missing chunks. Now, that said, we’re already hard at work backing up the system, and discussing plans to update the system to avoid this again. And for those of you suggesting caspervend–I already looked into them. The owner told me himself that his system can’t do what I need it to. THank you for your patience. I’ll bring the vendors back on in a few hours.


Jan 21

Kat Last Monday at 3:40 PM
@everyone So it’ll take me a fair bit to finish combing through emails, local chat logs (as I get an inworld message from the server for each sale), and cross referencing them against offline emails received to avoid any duplicate purchases, but I should be able to manually restore most if not all missing purchases. I say most because there’s at least a couple hundred entries effected by the data loss, so a couple are bound to slip through the cracks. Once the seas settle, i’m sure well come across the missing entries and restore those over time.

Now, on to the topic of avoiding this in the future: A brief overview of our systems: We have 2 vendors because we have 2 databases. Naverous 1, when flame wrote it wayyyy back in 2009 (in fact the system officially turns 10 years old in a day or two, I think.), it wasn’t built to last as long as it has. We’d expected to be able to put together a worthwhile successor far sooner but life got in the way. This scare was the final nail in the coffin and we’ve already discussed internally plans to completely overhaul the system. All new vendors, new server, new database, the idea being that ALL avatars we sell will be in ONE vendor (With the exception of the one-off stuff like we’ve already got inworld). Once done, the old databases will be called 'Legacy’. The crystals for those will remain active, but all new purchases will be relegated to a new database with better redundancy to avoid data loss and better memory to handle the large quantity of items we sell. We’ll keep you up to date on that, thank you.

Kat Last Monday at 3:48 PM
@everyone Apologies for the notice spam lately, but lots to say: Current plans: First up, Direwolf 1.01 update. Fixes, improved resources for user customization, the 2 freeby skins, and the direwolf plush preorder bonus. once that’s done, I’ll get the last 4 Kirins done: Ragnarok, nova, Aeterna and Teknika. And then I go into con crunch for tff, prepping everything I’ll be selling there, assuming we get lucky and get a table in the artist alley lottery.  Then, i’ll be moving cross country. that’ll probably take up a month or so of my time, between packing, moving, and unpacking. after that, I can start talking new stuff, By then it’ll be may, so I’m looking at what I want to do for the summer. I’m heavily leaning toward something awesome, but it depends on whether or not I can get it done in a timely fashion (Lesson learned from the direwolf). the new server won’t be available til late feb, early march at the EARLIEST, but we’re giving that plenty of time under the hood so eveyrthing works correctly. Thanks.


Jan 24

Kat Today at 1:34 PM
@everyone So, in this, the year 2019, our lord and savior Tetsuya Nomura has finally blessed us with a new Kingdom Hearts game. It launches today in Japan, so we’ll no doubt start to see more posts regarding plot and spoilers on the web. I’ve already had a huge issue with youtube putting leaked footage in my recommended videos. I shouldn’t have to say this, and while it isn’t KZK centric or even important to the operation of the business as a whole, its something I’m very passionate about–Whether its KH3 or any other game, movie, or title that people are VERY excited for, DO. NOT. POST. SPOILERS. I will personally hunt down anyone who posts even minor spoilers and introduce them to the ground, and in the words of Android 17, Your relationship will be intimate. I know myself and MANY people who grew up with KH are super super stoked about 3 and getting it spoiled would seriously ruin the day. :heart:

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