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June 28, 2017 @ 12:30 am

Limited Edition Elemental Kirins!Available now in the...

Syl Says...

Limited Edition Elemental Kirins!

Available now in the Kinzart main Store,, for 1000L, these Elemental Kirins are unlike anything we’ve put out before.

Each features unique assets specially made for them.

The Ember, boasting draconic scales, spikes and massive flaming horns. It is the embodiment of destruction.

The Ender, void incarnate, it embodies the possibility for darkness in all life but it in itself is not inherently evil.

The Terra, avatar of Life, from its leaves drip life giving dew and from its hooves sprout fauna (not literally in game, but hey, lore).

The Zephyr. The winds of change are carried on its feathers, and it has the power control the eb and flow of the jetstream, bringing about peaceful breezes or monsoons.

The Oceana. A protector of the sea, and a patron of sailors who seek safe passage.

The Lumina, the very essence of light, shining its radiant light and willpower.

Each exists to balance the scales, bringing order where there is chaos and chaos where there is order.

On a non lore related note, the avatars cost 1000L rather than 1300L like the normal Kirin avatars because a couple of features have been deprecated in the interests of artistic vision. The features removed are the color changing scales, the hair and the default horns. However each has unique assets.

They’ll be available until July 31st.

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