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February 1, 2019 @ 6:23 pm

KZK Discord Digest 7 - Week of Jan 25 - Jan 31

Blau Says...

Posted a day late, but it’s been a pretty quiet week.


Direwolf v1.01 update still in progress. We’ve gotten a lot of the bugs wrangled, but there are still some left that need fixing. No ETA yet, sorry!

Also, a general reminder, if you need a Direwolf redelivery, you need to hit the Purple terminal. Not the Blue one. They’re hooked to different databases.


Jan 27

Kat Last Sunday at 2:53 PM
@everyone I’ve been kind of dark lately on the progress for the update. Things are slow going, not for any technical reasons, but because I’m finding it very hard to motivate myself and keep my mind focused on the tasks at hand. Its not like I’m easily distracted, not in this instance, more that when I have a thought, its like… it goes into a tunnel but never comes out, if that makes sense. I’m doing my best to nurture my mental health where I can, and chipping away at my long to do list on days when the train actually reaches the station, to keep beating that metaphor into the ground. Today my focus will be rebuilding the HUD to fix the issue with button visibility, and fix the broken color UI. Gunna burn some incense too and listen to some really cool ambient ost music on loop, which usually helps, so wish me luck!


Jan 28

Kat Last Monday at 1:17 PM
@everyone Taking the chance to plug our #traders-forum again! If you’re an artist, looking to drum up some extra cash to make ends meet, or a writer looking to expand your library, or a musician seeing clients for custom compositions? That’s the place to start! While fame and success aren’t guaranteed, we’re at the very least happy to offer artists of all walks of life a chance to reach their audiences. And if you just wanna share some cool tunes, #music-share is a great place for it! Did you draw a really cool piece of art? #art-share! All kinds of places to chat about what drives you, just remember to use these channels responsibly, and respectfully! Remember that they are a privilege, not a right!

Also did you know that we have an #ark server? We sure do! Check #ark-server-info for login details! increased gather rates, 300 level cap, 450 max wild creatures (with 560 max tier dinos!) AND rare sightings? (You ever wanted a golden flaming gryphon with a unicorn horn? That’s possible!)

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