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March 7, 2019 @ 8:32 pm

KZK Discord Digest [Week of Mar 1 - Mar 7]

Blau Says...

Base model for the Direwolf Plushie is done - just needs to be made lower-poly and materials added.
Work ongoing on Direwolf update.
Kat had some metal coins cast at Shapeways and is curious about sending them out as IRL prizes for some form of contest - suggestions welcome!
Our database host seems to be doing some messing around behind the scenes and some purchases have been failing as a result. We’re investigating. If you or someone you know had a vendor error recently, send the error & the relevant transaction history to Sylver Bu and he’ll manually send your purchase.


Mar 3

Kat Last Sunday at 2:32 PM
@everyone Been learning some new techniques in Zbrush that really help optimize workflow. Really loving the newest version. This time around for the plush I wanted something that looked ‘rough’ and loved. I wanted the stitching to look like it was done by someone who put a lot of love into the plush, but might not have been the most 'skilled’ in doing so (but some could argue that making a plush at all is hard work!). The base model is done, now its on to setting up my color ID masks, setting up the low poly model, and baking out the materials/surfacing! :smile:


Mar 4

Kat Last Monday at 4:45 PM
@everyone Psuedo related to Kinzart, but I very recently designed a coin, and had it sent off to Shapeways. They’ll be molded and cast from resin using metal powders in a technique called Coldcasting to sell as part of the Etsy store I run with my fiance
(@Eggplant Bandit ) but What say you all to maybe making one of these 3 of a kind metal beauties a prize? Thinking.. maybe some kind of contest. Any thoughts? 

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