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January 3, 2019 @ 11:21 pm

KZK Discord Digest #3 [Week of Dec 27 2018 - Jan 3...

Blau Says...


Busy week, so many things to read! Long post!

Direwolves are out as of Dec 30, 2018!!

If you preordered and havent gotten yours yet, head to Okarthel and click the PURPLE delivery terminal.

PREORDER BONUSES will be distributed as soon as Kat returns from travel! We’re sorry to have delayed these, but time ran out!

REFUNDS, EXCHANGES, AND DEVKIT DISCOUNT have been extended until Jan 20. Contact Kat (Sylver Bu) if you’re interested.

Kat is currently traveling and will handle exchanges/refunds/etc as he is able. 

Need a devkit? Fill out this contract and send it to Sylver Bu –

THERE ARE SOME KNOWN ISSUES WITH THE DIRES! READ THE DOCUMENTATION NOTECARD! If you find a bug that isn’t mentioned in there, contact a staff member to let us know!

We’ll be pushing a patch for these issues in the very near future! As always updates are free & we’ll send notices so you guys know an update is available!


DEC 28, 2018

[4:59 PM] Kat: @everyone Here’s soemthing entertaining to look at while waiting for the dires: #T H I C C


[5:08 PM] Kat: @everyone Here’s yet another reminder to folks to please, seriously, stop messaging me to ask when the dires are going to be out. I legit already posted it in announcements. I’m on the edge of being nice, and am coming dangerously close to telling people to just outright fuck off and relax so I can get this thing done before the end of the year because every minute I spend explaining to every individual who IMs me, is a minute I could be finishing the avatar. If you want a refund because of the delay, that’s fine. I’ll honor it before the launch. Just please relax for a couple more days. I am literally doing what I can without pushing myself too far and the added stress of all the IMS is NOT helping my mental state.

[5:08 PM] Kat: I love you all, seriously. but CHILLLLL
[5:10 PM] Kat: I get it. I pushed these too early. I fucked up, Okay?
[5:12 PM] Kat: @everyone also Iming me to give your support and understanding also helps less than you think. The best thing you guys can do for the moment is just.. go play a game, binge a show, or even go rub one out. anything is better than nuking my notifications right now. Please. :cry:


DEC 29, 2018

[10:45 PM] Kat: @everyone So, the moment we’ve all been waiting for. The Direwolves have officially entered Internal beta. Scary, I know, considering I have until tommorrow night to squash any world ending bugs, but, bear with me and please understand that this avatar will not be flawless right out the gate. There are some known, documented issues that will be addressed once I’ve returned from my trip, but so far 95% of the avatar’s features are working as intended.  However, a couple of small features are being delayed in the interest of getting the avatar out into the hands of those who’ve been so patiently waiting, the features in question being only stuff relating to the AO. At launch, the Direwolf will not have its idle animations, half of the planned ‘actions’ are still WIP, and the only currently included dance animation leaves something to be desired. But, I hope you will all still enjoy what Stickman and I have created. Once its passed testing and I’ve confirmed its well off enough to go out into the wild, I’ll have flame issue the redelivery tomorrow afternooon-ish. I’ll let you all know when I’ll be available to process refunds, exchanges and devkit signups. Thank you.

[10:54 PM] Kat: @everyone I know there will be a fair number of you who will not like the news that the Direwolf, despite being under development for 2 additional months beyond its original proposed release date, is essentially releasing unfinished,  but.. I have no excuse. Please just.. Be patient. As with ALL KZK products, future updates WILL be free, and the first thing I’m doing upon returning from my trip will be taking a day to recover from traveling/convention, then immediately focusing on patching in the missing animations/features where possible, as well as squashing any known bugs. then I’ll be prepping the preorder plush gift, available only to those who purchased a Direwolf on or before december 30th, and lastly, setting up the two freebie gift skins (as thanks!).


DEC 30, 2018

[3:03 PM] Kat: @everyone Testing is going well. the last few major issues were resolved this morning! I will be doing my best to handle and refunds/exchanges/dev kit orders tonight. All that’s really left is making sure everything’s properly configured out of the box, and checking permissions. Thank you all for your patience, you’ve been incredible. I only hope you enjoy this avatar as much as I’ve enjoyed creating it.

[3:06 PM] Kat: @everyone and in the event that Im unable to help you tonight with exchanges/refunds, I will honor them up through January 20th, same with the devkit discount. This has been a rough launch, so I want to make sure I can make as many people happy as I can. I do expect some to game the system, and if you’re one of those people, shame on you, but I know most folks are honest. I’ll keep you guys up to date.

[3:07 PM] Kat: This release has been a sobering experience in many ways. Lots of lessons to learn. Lots of compromises to be made. Next time I do something like this, refunds/exchanges will be far less likely since I’ll have made sure folks are more properly armed with the knowledge to make the correct purchase.

[9:19 PM] Kat: @everyone The Direwolf’s gone GOLD! That’s right, its boxed, its ready to go, but as these sorts of things go, Flame’s the one who has to flip the switch (as I don’t have the command for the database to force a redelivery).  And don’t bother nuking the terminals because the newest assets aren’t in the server yet. I will let you all know! SO! This means I’m available to process devkit orders, exchanges, and, if folks still want them, refunds. Feel free to drop me an IM inworld, or here in Discord, AND, if you’re wanting the Dev kit (not PSDs), this is the contract you will want to read and review fully, as it is LEGALLY BINDING. You will need an active google drive to get access to the dev kit files(and those who already have the devkit should hopefully see the full devkit pushed tonight.) (the contract. Please make sure I’ve spoken to you personally before sending me a signed copy. Signing can be done via photoshop and a tablet, or by printing the document and signing where needed.)

10:05 PM] Kat: @everyone Working my way slowly through the list of names in my sidebar, thank you all for your patience.

10:49 PM] Kat: @everyone So, looks like flame’s in bed. To be faaaair, i didn’t exactly have the chance to coordinate this with him, SO, i’m going to quickly fix a minor issue  with the HUD (visual, nothing too bad), pack up the fixed HUDS, and drop everything in the server and just.. see how it goes. Rofl’’ Please wait until I give the word. mk?

11:39 PM] Kat: @everyone Well, since I yet again didn’t plan things right (When do I ever :laughing: ) I’ve gone ahead and replaced the items in the server with their final versions. So, new purchases will deliver the correct items, and using the PURPLE redelivery terminal will send you an updated box. Also, dev kit owners, if you check your Drives, your Devkit beta v02 files have been updated to v1, and includes all 3 sizes and an updated set of PSDs that include shading for the bottoms of the feeth, the mouth, hands and inside the ears.


DEC 31, 2018

12:17 AM] Kat: @everyone For the devkit folks, the Applier script will be made available tomorrow morning. Apologies for the delays!

2:38 AM] Kat: @everyone Devkit owners, a small update has been made to the kit. Included now is the applier script. Usage instructions are inside it. Also, the Direwolf Overview Document (linked in the devkit readme) now includes information for scaling.

5:20 PM] Kat: @everyone so I was up very late last night(7 am) working on last minute costume stuff for the trip, and I still had a lot to do when I got up this morning so I was not able to get into sl to handle any last minute help requests. I’ll do my best to help where I can as my fiance brought her laptop but it can barely run sl on potato graphics. I’ll try and arrange to have the applied script passed out in the main store. Also as a reminder I will be honoring any exchange requests until january 20th as i am going to be out of town until the 10th and theres only so much I can do on the go. Had i planned things better, the fires would’ve come out long before this trip but.. at this point i decided it would be better to arrive late to the party than not at all so i will do everything i can to make sure it gets the TLC it needs when i return. Sorry if this sounds rambly.. I slept 2 and a half hours last night before packing for my flight.. 3 hour drive to the airport and a 3 hour flight.  But hey, well be landing around midnight so well get to see fireworks from the air!


JAN 1, 2019

12:48 AM] Kat: @everyone landed safe and sound in Virginia.  Been catching up on chat. Just want to remind people to read the documentation notecard for the direwolf as it makes mention of known issues, INCLUDING the animation problems for the medium and small.


JAN 3, 2019

[12:18 PM] Kat: @everyone by way of @Stickman “
If anyone needs to use a texture applier for the Dire Wolf that has specular and normals, this script will work. Rather than putting it in a box, however, it needs to be placed in every attachment (eg, head, ear, neck, torso, arms, etc). Further instructions are contained within.

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