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October 6, 2018 @ 10:06 pm

Since this seems to have confused some people, let...

Syl Says...

Since this seems to have confused some people, let me make myself clear:

We have not, and will never charge users to make mods for our content, SO LONG AS THEY ARE USING THEIR OWN ORIGINAL ASSETS TO DO SO.

This has ALWAYS been our policy. ALWAYS.

Mods that are sold that use our assets without permission (in the case of the husky, raptors and now direwolves, a license) to do so, will be removed. This is because we do not allow the use of our assets, either in part or in whole, to be shared for free or for profit to a broader audience.

We have always happily shared our textures for modding. As you know we charge a small fee for skins, but everything else has always been free of charge. These textures are shared for personal use, or for helping friends only.

The Direwolf Dev kit marks the first time we’ve ever made not just a fully stacked set of PSDs available, but also the actual blend files they’re used on, publically available.

But that isn’t to say that if someone makes textures/mods from scratch, that they cannot do that. That is entirely false.

If you make your own textures from scratch for modding a Kinzart avatar (that you wish to sell), you are fine. In fact, we encourage you.

We will never tax, fine or ask users for a cut of their sales if they’ve made their own custom mods that they’re selling for Kinzart. We have never done this, and will never do this.

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