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August 16, 2018 @ 7:16 pm

Quick Guide: KZK Bento Tail Commands

Blau Says...

Please note: This guide is incomplete, and commands are subject to change in future releases. 

Also note that each avatar has its own animations for each state. You can mix and match the AOs and the tails, but since each one uses its own deformer the results might be…. strange.

The command is formatted as follows:

/23 tailpose STATE ANIMATION

Example: /23 tailpose hovering upfast

STATE can be:

  • * (asterisk; basically just standing default)
  • hovering
  • flying
  • walking
  • running
  • crouching
  • crouchwalking
  • jumping
  • sitting

I’m currently missing the STATE commands for falling and sitting on ground.


  • upfast
  • upfast2 (Raptor only)
  • upslow
  • upslow2 (Raptor only)
  • midfast
  • midslow
  • lowfast
  • lowslow
  • curlleft
  • curlright
  • staticup
  • staticmid
  • staticlow

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