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January 17, 2019 @ 8:10 pm

KZK Discord Digest #5 [Week of Jan 11 - Jan 17]

Blau Says...


You may not resell the flat (premade) skins, even if altered.
If you get a Devkit / Paid PSDs and have alt accounts (for stores, etc) you intend to use the assets with, please make sure you let Kat know.
You don’t need to sign the contract for the Paid PSDs, just the Devkit.
Devkit contract can be signed digitally.
Kat’s got his software migrated over to his new rig. Direwolf bugfixes next.

Also, outside of posting these, I never get on Tumblr.
If you need to contact me (or any of the other KZK staff honestly), do so on Discord or SL.
Tumblr messages will likely be ignored.


Jan 11 2019

7:40 PM] Kat: @everyone Hey folks. Spent most of today getting caught up with RL obligations that got pushed aside due to work/con prep, so I ran out of time to do anything in SL, but I’ll be fresh and ready to go first thing tomorrow! I’ll be handling contract stuff, exchanges, and sorting through the massive list of suggestions/fixes needed for the direwolf so I can set up a roadmap for the direwolf 1.01 update. Thank you all for your incredible support and patience! :heart: (Despite sleeping almost 10 hours last night I’m still so exhausted rofl)


Jan 12 2019

11:24 AM] Kat: @everyone If you have purchased a devkit, or the PSDs for the direwolf, and you use separate accounts to manage your store separetly from your personal affairs, then I need to know. This’ll be useful in quickly putting to rest any false accusations made against you. Thank you.

11:36 AM] Kat: @everyone I would like to make sure anyone whose signed the Direwolf Devkit contract that editing the pre-existing textures on the Direwolf is not an acceptable use as defined by the Devkit license. Clause A beneath ‘YOU MAY’ states specifically that you’re allowed to edit anything included with the Devkit, defined as the product. The flattened, default 'skins’ included with the Direwolf’s HUD are not part of that. All textures sold must be derived from the PSDs, using your own markings.

2:18 PM] Kat: @everyone Our wonderful friends over at Roarbeast are celebrating the release of their newest avatar, the Smolbeast Eastern Dragon! Its tiny, its adorable, and its coming out today!  Join Stickman and help him celebrate, today at 2PM SLT at the Furry Fashion mall/club! :heart:

9:16 PM] Kat: @everyone So, now that the trip is over, and its back to the usual. Part of what I need to get done is migrating over to Helix 1.0–the new rig given to me so generously by my family for christmas. Its an absolute monster of a rig that’ll let me get things done faster and with less fussing. To do so, I’ve got to deactivate things. Atm I’m waiting for the new intall of zbrush to ldownload, so I’ve got a while to kill. I’ll be taking the next couple of hours to process some devkit and psd kit requests! reminder that if you’ve yet to do so, please carefully review the contract, and remember, it is LEGALLY binding. It can be signed digitally, since I know most folks don’t really have printers anymore.

TL;DR: Yo, you want the devkit? I’m here, so lets do it.

[9:43 PM] Kat: @everyone Btw you don’t need to sign the contract if you’re just buying the psds. apologies for lack of proper communication on this! <3’


Jan 13 2019

6:46 PM] Kat: @everyone So today I migrated over my storage drives, got all my software moved over and activated on Helix, and am in the process of reinstalling most of my games and getting everything configured. One major hurdle tackled! Next up, Direwolf update. :smiley:


Jan 14 2019

[1:55 PM] Kat: @everyone Please do not share links to websites or contents that allow the illegitimate acquisition of copywritten content. This includes movies, music, tv shows, nd subscriber only art. Thank you.

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