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February 14, 2019 @ 9:20 pm

KZK Discord Digest 8 - Week of Feb 7 - Feb 14

Blau Says...

No Digest last week due to no Discord notices. Nothing to sync!


Kat has finished the fixed animations for the Direwolf 1.01 update (fixed the floating on small/medium etc).
No ETA on update release. Kat is not happy that it is so behind, but he’s doing what he can. Please see the last entry for more.
We’re checking interest for Seasonal Raptor LEs (Frostbite, Valentine’s, Mardi Gras) for the holidays we missed. Reskins are very quick, so it won’t take much away from the Dire update work.

Also, a clarification from Group Chat / Discord that I meant to sync over but it didn’t get answered until the next day:

  • The contract for the Direwolf Devkit does include a clause that allows Kat to make changes to the contract. 
  • Please note that the contract will only be changed for the purposes of clarification and/or closing loopholes. We aren’t jerks. We won’t be making needless or malicious edits - that would make no sense.
  • Signers will be notified of changes.
  • Signers will have 5 business days to review and accept the new terms. 
  • If the signer decides the terms are not acceptable and they decline, the contract is terminated.
  • Termination requires the signer to delete all copies of the assets they got from the devkit, and to stop selling things they’ve made that include those assets. (Assets include things like the .PSD shaders, the .BLEND mesh, etc.)
  • Things made that are completely original (e.g. textures with custom shaders, animations, accessories rigged to fit, etc) do not need to be taken down.
  • The point of this revision clause is to allow us to change the contract if need be. It shows the process we’ll take & the actions required of signers. Hopefully, we won’t need to make any edits, but if we do, that’s why it’s here.


Feb 10

Kat Last Sunday at 12:16 PM
@everyone So go figure a few days ago, when the weather was really nice, I was in a great mood to get work done, and I did! Got all the animations for all 3 sizes finalized (to fix the ‘wiggling’ issue on the smaller sizes), and had started work on the ambient animations when of course I get sick. Still on the fence as to whether or not its hay fever or a cold, all I know is I’ve had barely enough brain power to stare at a computer screen for longer than 10 minutes.  I’m on the backside of it now, so with some luck I’ll be back to normal in a couple of days. I’ll keep you posted :heart:


Feb 12

Kat Last Tuesday at 2:07 PM
@everyone So due to being out of town, convention insanity, and general update stuff for the direwolves, then getting sick (im better now yey!), there’s a lot of seasonal LEs that didn’t launch.

Should I make and release a frostbite, mardi gras and valentines set of raptors? vote :thumbsup: for yes, and :thumbsdown: for no.

[I can’t copy/paste the responses, but it was 11 Nay to 63 Yea as of this post]

Feb 12

Kat Last Tuesday at 2:19 PM
@everyone Since its on a few peoples minds: 1.01 update eta: when its done. I’ve been fighting my depression and anxiety for the last few weeks, only to get physically ill and spend 4 days on the couch counting the ceiling tiles and wasting a whole ton of time. Direwolf plush: See previous info. I’ve no excuse for being so behind, so I’m trying my best to chip away at my tasklist on days when I feel well enough to sit down and get stuff down.

Please don’t confuse my lack of motivation for burnout. I genuinely love what I do, and I’m honored that all of you support me so fervently, so I try to do my best to earn your respect and dedication. Its just lately my depressive episodes have taken a turn for the worst, resulting in complete dissociative episodes and cognitive impairment and 'blackouts’, or moments where I literally lose entire hours or full days. I try to speak candidly about my problems, to encourage others to be open about their troubles with their loved ones. as for seeking help.. I’m going to, but its something I want to pursue once I’m moved out of Louisiana to someplace with better trans healthcare before i start shelling out hundreds of dollars to sit in an armchair for an hour.

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