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October 4, 2018 @ 12:21 am

Direwolf Creator Beta live

Syl Says...

Those interested in helping us beta test our first ever true dev kit are urged to message Sylver Bu. The fee for the Beta is 9000L, but includes commercial rights for use with the dev kit, fully shaded/detailed PSDs for the Direwolf, a weight and uv copy dummy, and some inworld tools. Buying into the beta gets you the Fatpack preorder as well. Post launch, the dev kit license wil be 5000L and the fatpack will be 6000L. (You do not need the dev kit to wear/use the avatar) IM me if you’re interested.


Will it work with other brands of bodies? What about other AOs?

Probably not. and.. kinda? Testing internally yielded…. entertaining results. Use non-specific Aos at your own risk.

How much is the Avatar? Do I have to buy the license to use/wear the avatar?

The avatar will be 2500L per size (with 3 sizes in total), or 6000L for the fatpack.

As stated above, the dev kit is marketed toward people who wish to make third party content for the direwolf. It is recommended for those who want to create completely transformative accessories. IE if you’re just a normal consumer looking to buy a cool avatar, you can completely ignore all this nonsense and preorder/purchase the avatar like normal when its available.

Why is the dev kit so expensive?

The license for the dev kit, post launch, will be 5000L. By buying in early, you’ll save some money and get a head start on creating third party content for our Direwolf avatar. I settled on this price because of the sheer volume of control this dev kit gives the licensee. Between the .blend files, the Psds and commercial license rights, 5000L is actually quite fair.

I want the Direwolf early, can I join this Beta to get it early?

This ‘Beta’ isn’t for the avatar. Its for the devkit. Its designed to help us test the files we’re sending to licensees to ensure their usability. Those expecting to get early access to the avatar before its ready will find themselves short 9k and disappointed. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

I’m new to Blender/Avastar, and want to try this dev kit.

First off, you’re mad. Second of all, if you’re serious, we won’t stop you but know that this file was designed with intermediate to advanced users in mind. There will be freeby files designed for more entry-level use at a later date. However if you truly are a glutton for punishment, we welcome your torment. All kidding aside, I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have and help as best I can.

I just do texture mods, Do I really need the dev kit?

If you wish to make textures to sell, you will still need the Commercial license for the PSDs. Nice thing is that’s available at only 2000L, and without a contract attached. Don’t think we won’t be right miffed if you go breakin’ our hearts now though. We’re serious. While the Dev kit would be useful for texturing, its not required.

However if you’re looking for personal use only, there’ll be a freebie set of PSDs available to you post launch, minus the fur detail layers. Those are only part of the commercial license.

I just want to make clothing, do I really need the dev kit?

Nope! There’ll be a rigged, non uv’d dummy model for download post launch.

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