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October 20, 2017 @ 4:38 am

Kinzart Premade Shaders Info/FAQ

Syl Says...

(The files for this initiative are not currently available, we’ll keep you up to date. This FAQ is just to get the prep work started!)

With the release of our Version 3 Husky, We’re trying something new–A highly requested and anticipated feature, Premade Shader PSDs(PSPs).

The Husky will be the first to include PSD files for PERSONAL, NON COMMERCIAL modding. These are strictly for personal use, or for helping close friends(as we have done in the past for all our previously shared textures!).

We have never allowed users to resell any of our assets, either in part, or in whole until now.

Users interested in selling mods derived from these PSPs will be asked to purchase a COMMERCIAL LICENSE PER AVATAR (Not color, but species) before they will be given permission to use our PSP’s commercially, either in whole or in part.

Q: What if I make my own shaders from scratch, following the UVs included with the Personal versions of the PSDs?

A: This is something we’ve always allowed, and will continue to encourage making your own shaders from scratch mean you won’t have to pay us to sell them.

Q: Say i cave and buy this license, then what?

A: Simple. You’ll be given a download link to the zip files(minus all the obligatory ‘plz don’t sell thnx’ text scrawled across it), or you can begin using the Personal use files. We’ll be keeping track of names and companies who’ve purchased the license to resell our PSPs.

Anyone found doing so without the appropriate licenses will be asked to purchase one, or be asked to take down the infringing content should they opt not to purchase a License! We won’t go full Activision on your ass, so we ask that you please show us the same respect!

Q: What is included with these ‘PSPs?’

A: A shading layer, Simplified Ambient Occlusion layer(self shading), the UV layout, and an Alpha Channel(Where applicable) will be included with both the Personal and Commercial versions. No markings, fur/detail overlays or refined shading layers will be included.

Q: I just do mod commissions on the side/Until now I’ve only modded ripped textures to sell as one-time commissions, how does this effect me?

A: We have never allowed people to sell any textures/mods derived from our works, either in part or in whole, as appliers or as UUIDs, and doing so is a direct violation of our End User License Agreement. However, this doesn’t mean people follow the rules. IF you are one of the individuals who fall into this category and you wish to continue to make commissions, we ask that you please purchase a license to the COMMERCIAL use files. While we understand that this may not be feasible for smaller modders, we encourage you to offset their cost by branching out and creating additional content to balance it out.

Q: ..Okay. So how much we talking here? Are these Licences going to make me take out a second mortgage on my home?

A: Nope! While we’re unable to provide set-in-stone pricing at this moment, we can assure you that rates will be reasonable and affordable for even smaller modders. We can assure you, you won’t have to sacrifice your first born to Raptor Jesus or perform sexual acts on the street corner at YIFF to pay for them (but if you want to, that’s your business!)

Q: Okay awesome. That sounds well and good n all. Say I just want these Personal use files. Where might I find them? I didn’t see a link included with my purchase.

A: You can get them here! (

Q: So what about mods I’ve made using assets from older Kinzart products? Ones that don’t have PSPs available? Can I buy a License for those too?

A: While some content might get grandfathered into this system (mostly mesh avatars), We’re not currently extending these plans backwards, only forwards. If you’re selling a mod that is derived from something you ripped from our products, we’d ask that you please take it down and work from your own custom assets. Thanks <3

Q: There’s a problem with these files/I can’t download them/Something seems missing/broken.

A: Give me some time to get them patched up and I’ll be sure to let everyone know when they’re fixed!

Have any other questions/suggestions you think I should put here? Let me know!

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