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February 21, 2019 @ 8:26 pm

KZK Discord Digest 9 - Week of Feb 15 - Feb 21

Blau Says...

Not terribly much to report, just one announcement from the past week.


Feb 19

Kat Last Tuesday at 6:30 PM
@everyone Hey guys, just popping in to tell you that I am still here, and I do see chat-I know a lot of you are frustrated that I haven’t been in SL like.. at all in weeks, Im sorry. After getting sick and recovering, I did some housecleaning, then far cry new dawn came out (anyone who knows me well enough knows I ADORE the far cry series ever since 3), and took some time to finally experiment with the resin and pigments i’ve been stockpiling. but, good news is I’m logged into SL for the time being to do my best to assist with any inworld issues. Thank you all for your patience <3’
and yes. I very much enjoyed Far Cry: Fallout 76 but Not Garbage.

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