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December 20, 2018 @ 8:31 pm

KZK Discord Digest #1 [Week of Dec 13 2018 - Dec 20...

Blau Says...


1. Preorders are still live and we will tell you before they go down.
2. Kat has been working hard to get the Dire out before the end of the year. No dates yet. HUD and scripting are WIP, and AO is about 90% done. Then just needs beta testing.
3. As Kat has been busy working he hasn’t had a lot of time to handle devkit requests. Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you! We’re going to get Devkit folks set up prior to release with a more finalized devkit!
4. Once the Dires have entered Beta Testing and I have a copy I will be glad to put on inworld demos :)
5. We aren’t totally abandoning SL notices. It’s just a ton easier on Kat to hop on Discord to send info out while he’s working, and sometimes that info doesn’t always get mirrored over (my bad). Important info will get its own notice, don’t worry!



Dec 13 2018

[11:50 PM] Kat:
@everyone There’s really no way to say this without it coming across as egotistic or humble-braggy, but its still something you guys should be aware of. For the uninformed, i’ve been dealing with cascading system failiure for some time now. Rampant BSODs, hard crashes in Zbrush, complete memory failiures… Well tonight my family put an end to that by surprising me with a new rig for christmas. Its… more than I could’ve ever hoped for. They know how much kinzart means to me, how important you guys are to me, and it worried them that all of this was on the brink of collapse because of my ailing hardware. so, for those of you worried, rest easy, knowing that KZK will live on. I will do my best to repay their kindness by producing the best work I can for you guys. Like I said, there’s literally no way to say ‘hey my family just bought me an insanely overpowered pc’ and not come across like I’m stroking my own ego. but know that I will make the most of it to benefit you guys. Thank you all for your patience and support, and giving me a reason to do what I do. I will find some way to pay their kindness forward.


Dec 14 2018

[6:57 PM] Kat:
@everyone Got something super cool to show you today! So this image is the two halves of what’ll make up the avatar’s alpha widget for the HUD. I’ve recreated the direwolf’s material groups on a smaller scale, and they match the avatar exactly in terms of howthe avatar’s broken up into its various parts. And yes, for those with keen eyes, there is a material group in the groin, to help all you lady mutts give your direwolves that extra.. umpf, if that’s your cup of tea. the widget has a female torso variant too, so no worries!

[6:58 PM] Kat:
Lady and herm/intersex mutts* can’t leave all you lovelies out :heart:



Dec 17 2018

[11:28 PM] Kat:
@everyone Its always a long day when you’ve got to build a brand new HUD from scratch, but this one’s built specifically for the direwolf–No frills, no fluff, no fuss. Readability is the focus, and I’ve even added a little ? button to help aquaint new users with each page’s functionality, but i’ll still document this in the notecard, as I traditionally do. Some buttons are not done yet, and some spaces are blank because a widget will be fitted into it in SL. Enjoy the teaser!

[11:40 PM] Kat:
@everyone I will of course be tooling the contrast and saturation a bit, following feedback in chat. I’ll keep you guys updated.



Dec 20, 2018

[7:58 PM] Kat: Following feedback from chat, Here’s the updated color scheme for the HUD. Overall I made everything brighter and less saturated, and outlined the text with a soft dark outer glow to help it stand out against the brighter background without the contrast being too offending to the eyes. Also greatly softened the gradient on the text so the bottom half of it no longer 'blurs’ into the background at a distance. Overall the results are more reasily read even at a distance.

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