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May 24, 2018 @ 5:49 pm

Where we are, and where we’re going + Community Appreciation...

Syl Says...

I want to take a moment to seriously sit down and thank you all for your incredibly humbling and overwhelming support as of late. Thank to you all, the raptors have been a massive success, and I couldn’t be prouder of the work I’ve done. Seeing the community rally behind them has filled me with so much joy. I say this today because as of May 23rd, 2018, I have officially finished paying off my student loans!

At the end of 2016, I was in a bad place financially and emotionally. My income in Second Life was at an all time low and I was literally living paycheck to paycheck, having to prioritize food and meds for my cats over paying bills. I was desperate for an out, and after hearing about it from a mutual at Starbucks, I enrolled at the Digital Media Institute in Shreveport, Louisiana. I knew before signing on the dotted line what I was getting into. 12,000 USD in debt without any official paperwork to show for it. I won’t bore you with the teary eyed details.

Fastforward to 2018 and I’m still jobless, but that’s not so bad at this point. I poured everything I had into the Raptors, and the results speak for themselves. You guys showed up in droves to show your support for my content, reaffirming what I’ve always known: You guys are the -best-. You’ve always been there to catch me when I fall, even when many of you struggled financially as well. You blindly offered your support, without ever expecting anything in return but I always made sure you got something. Anyone whose been a member of the Kinzart community long enough knows that I value your support immensely.

I’m getting off track here. What I’m trying to say is.. just.. seriously, thank you. I mean it. Your generosity has helped me pay off a huge chunk of debt that has been holding me back emotionally and financially. The last two months have been a blinding ray of sunshine in the bleakness that I’ve trudged through for the last six years, and I have you all to thank for it.

For the first time in six years,  I can finally start planning for a proper future, rather than just dreaming about it. The next step is to put away 3-4k for moving expenses so that my fiance and I can relocate to Dallas, TX. We’ve got friends out that way looking for a place to stay, clan mates I’ve gamed with for the last 3 years. 

But I want to also pay you guys back for your support. So, coming July, I’m going to do an entire MONTH of goodies for community appreciation. You can look forward to a hunt, freebies, and even a few sales! Even though August is the proper birthday for Kinzart (August 9th!), I want to do this sooner than later! Seriously you guys deserve so much more. I can’t thank you enough for enabling me to pursue a career as a freelance artist and I want to do what I can to repay you guys, in some way.

So, See you in July for Kinzart Community Appreciation Month!

(No promises on whether or not this’ll be a recurring thing, given scheduling and job timing, but I can damn well try!)

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