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December 26, 2018 @ 11:32 pm

KZK Discord Digest #2 [Week(ish) of Dec 21 - Dec 26...

Blau Says...


Direwolf status: Tail-end of scripting / beginning of alpha testing. All that’s left afterward is beta testing & packaging.
Direwolf release plan: Before end of year! (Exact day not picked yet, but it’s less than a week from New Year’s!)
Preorder devkits (devkit + fatpack) are still available & will be taken care of during beta testing, when Kat has a few hours to spare. 
Direwolf prices WILL NOT be changing post launch.
Refunds / exchanges for the Direwolf WILL END after launch. They’ll then have the same policy as all our other avs (no refund/exchange except in case of SL/server error).
Preorder bonuses (Direwolf plushy av & 2 free skins) will ship a little later than the Dires themselves (soon as Kat gets home from his trip).


Dec 22, 2018

[10:39 AM] Blau: Yo folks. Been seeing it asked a lot- the direwolf price ***will not*** be increasing after release.

HOWEVER. once it releases, refunds and exchanges WILL end (ie. Same policy as our other avs). If you are debating that get it taken care of soon.

We will give you guys advance notice beforehand. Cheers @everyone


Dec 25, 2018

[1:48 PM] Kat: @everyone A Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! Its just barely the afternoon and I’m already two shots in and feeling it. I hope you’re all enjoying your days, and I hope that no matter how you celebrate, whether its with friends, family, or alone (For the record, I’m absolutely hugging you right now if you are, Behemoth cuddles anyone?) Just remember to do so responsibly. I hope your potatos are perfectly mashed, your ham warmed to that deliciously juicy temparture and no one glitterbombed you. Happy Holidays from all of us at Kinzart :heart: (My stomach is empty so i miggght  be a little buzzed already ;D..I dont drink like i used to haha)


Dec 26, 2018

[5:56 PM] Kat: @everyone So I’m definitely on track to get the Dires out by the end of the year. Today i solved a major bug with the HUD that’s been bugging the ever loving fuck out of me for the past few years, which has me in a pretty good mood. With the HUD working as expected, I’m FINALLY able to get to the inifial alpha testing. This phase is usually pretty short, with me just doing  cursory once-over on the avatar. Once I get the scripts into the avatars and test those, the av will go into proper beta testing. That isn’t to say we haven’t been testing lots of things along the way, this just means that it’ll get tested more broadly internally so we can find any major bad behavior. Testing is all that’s left before its packed and ready to go.  Like before, be sure to lend us any spare energy so we can get this spirit bomb of a project done! :heart:

[6:01 PM] Kat: @everyone Now, since 99% of this time has been spent getting the Dires done and in good working condition, it means the preorder bonus will be late to the show–but that’s fine! it’ll mean I’ll have more time to make it as cute as it can be! and I’ll also take that time (once I’m back from my trip), to get the Garmr and Helhund skins done (remember that these will be free gifts as thanks for everyones patience!)  Once I am back from my trip, I’ll take a day to relax, play a game maybe, before focusing on doing any MAJOR bug fixes on the Dire (one or two are bound to slip thru!) and get the plush/skins done to send out! :heart:

[6:04 PM] Kat: @everyone SORRY FOR NOTICE SPAM! but lots to cover as we approach that special day! Naturally many of you are asking ‘Kat if the av’s coming out soon, can I please get the dev kit/my preorder changed?’ The answer is Let me get them into beta first, then I’ll have a few hours that I can handle all of this in bulk! I wil be honoring the cheaper bulk price for the dev kit preorder bundle, so if you wish to get the dev kit for 2k less, (which includes a fatpack preorder), That’ll be the best time to do that. Thank you all, seriously! This project has been an absolute beast to overcome but we’re so close!

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